I've spent most of my life playing golf.
The rest of it I just wasted.


It is very much in my nature to rank things. Favorite movies, favorite athletes, favorite foods. Golf courses are the thing I probably rank the most. Below are links that show how I rank all the courses and holes that I have played. I've also forced the other Core Four members to rank all courses that they have played. You can see both how I rank these courses and how the Core Four ranks them as a whole; and you can see how it breaks down by state and locality as well.

I've also ranked any hole that I have played that I find to be interesting. Some courses I've ranked almost every hole, some I've ranked hardly any. You can also see a breakdown of these rankings by state and locality as well. I don't bug the other Core Four members about ranking holes (I can barely get them to rank the courses) so you only get to see what I think.


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